Privacy Statement

1st4Jobs.com and Business and Professional Partners are committed to protecting the privacy of all our users as far as is reasonably possible in order to provide clients and candidates with a safe and secure environment that protects personal and client information, and ensures that confidentiality is upheld.

We will at all times use our best endeavor to ensure that personal or private information is not knowingly disclosed to others without prior consent.

Before you register with us, we encourage you to read this policy.

Registration Details


We store basic personal information including the username and password that you enter to register, in order to provide you and our own staff, with the personal details that you register with us, e-mail address and so on.


We store basic client information including the username and password that you enter to register, in order to provide you and our own staff with the client details that you register with us, e-mail address and so on.

Candidate CV

When you enter your personal details and CV onto the site, there are a number of different options to choose from. You can opt to:

  • have all your details accessible to our clients (including a default CV selected by you)
  • enter your details but mark them as inactive, therefore excluding them them from searches, or
  • remove any number of details such as your name or that of your current or previous employer(s), and allow clients to see only the information you choose. This makes it possible to send out your CV with a greater degree of anonymity.

If you choose not to select one of these options on registration, your CV will automatically be accessible to our clients.

If you wish to change your profile in any way, this can be done at any time by logging into your account.

If you have an active profile, i.e. one that is accessible to our clients, they will only have access to your CV – your other documents ( e.g. covering letter or letters or different CV formats) contained within your file will not be viewable.

You may remove any of your CV or covering letter documents from our system at any time but clients who have previously had access to your details may have kept them on file. In this case, we are not responsible for either the retention or subsequent use of this information.

Our Registration process requests that you to make a decision about whether you wish to receive e-mails from us and/or from other companies who may want to contact you. Please indicate at the registration screen if you do not wish to receive e-mails from us or other companies. You can change this later if you change your mind.

Some of our users may be from countries outside the EEA (European Economic Area) and subject to a different legal environment, and we bear no responsibility for such use. To gain access to 1st4Jobs.com, or Business and Professional Partners' databases, all clients and candidates must register first. This ensures that data is only obtainable using a password and user ID. By registering with either 1st4Jobs.com or Business and professional partners, all users have agreed to abide by our Terms and Conditions which we encourage all parties to read.

NB – Please remember that your current employer may also already be, or become, registered with either 1st4Jobs.com or Business and Professional Partners. We therefore encourage candidates to remain anonymous, and obscure previous employer and other trackable employment or personal details as we accept no responsibility for breaches of confidentiality.


Our database is accessible to 1st4Jobs.com, Business and Professional Partners, and our IT providers. All of these parties are subject to Confidentiality Agreements.

Data is password protected, and at all times we seek to avoid unauthorised access.

Occasionally, we may choose to share information with reputable third parties. If you do not want your details to be given to an outside party, you must uncheck the box on your profile page. Similarly, we sometimes wish to inform our registered users of changes to or updates about our sites. You will automatically receive these communications unless you have unchecked the box in your profile.

Occasionally we will quote aggregate statistical information to clients / advertisers (e.g. the number of visitors on each site). This will not include identifiable individual data.

Our websites may contain links to other websites. Neither BP Partners nor 1st4Jobs.com takes any responsibility for policies or decisions of these sites. This policy applies only to the 1st4Jobs.com and Business and Professional's own sites.


We will automatically terminate a user session if that user has not refreshed a page within the site in the space of half an hour. This prevents sessions being left unattended and another person viewing your profile because you are still logged in.

Data Protection

We will neither sell nor rent your personal information to others unless you have either given us permission or our policy changes in which case advance notification will be made via our web sites

You agree that you do not object to us, associated companies or third parties contacting you for any reason outlined in this statement, elsewhere on our sites, or above by telephone, email, fax or in writing, and that you do not regard any of these items as being in breach of your rights under the Telecommunications (Data Protection & Privacy) Regulations 1999.

1st4Jobs.com reserve the right to access, remove or disclose any information if necessary due to lawful government requests. We are also at liberty to act accordingly if a complaint is received and is deemed by us to be inconsistent with our Terms and Conditions.

We do not accept any responsibility for any warranty or provide other assurance either to the jobs, information or material appearing on any 1st4Jobs.com or Business and Professional Partners Site, its accuracy, completeness, timeliness or fitness for any particular purpose. We reserve the right to access and disclose, individual identifiable information to comply with relevant laws and lawful government requests. We reserve the right to operate our systems properly or to protect ourselves, candidates, clients and / or other users and to remove data without prior consent. In the event of a complaint arising we will disclose individual, identifiable information to third parties regarding use of the Site(s) if usage is deemed by us as being inconsistent with our Terms and Conditions.

To comply with The Office of Telecommunications regulations telephone calls to or from our offices may be recorded.

Policy Changes

All policy changes will be recorded via our web sites.


We welcome constructive criticism. Please Contact us.